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Our Corporate Mission:
Better Energy for Better Living

The fundamental purpose of and reason for the existence of Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services is outlined in its corporate mission. We strive to help people achieve their aspirations for a better life by providing society with cutting-edge technologies, high premium products and quality services. We will continue our path towards green and low-carbon sustainable development. Through our production methods, we aim to transform our practices and shape the industry structure so that they help conserve resources and protect the environment. We aim to grow our company together with our stakeholders and strive to ensure that our success is beneficial to all.


We will create an environment to encourage our employees to continue their education within the field, while pursuing their own self-improvement and sense of accomplishment. We will be a smart, ultra-productive exploration technology and service business that provides quality work with integrity. We keep customer service and lasting relationships as our number one priority and seek new customers with the same values.

Our Service

Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services is staffed with a broad range of professional personnel who are capable of providing any and all drilling exploration services, from planning your wells to building rigs to suit your conditions. Our professional staff of managers and engineers can get any job done in a quality and cost-effective manner. From providing contract staffing for the operations to building rigs for specific projects. Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services is ready to provide the best personnel and equipment to get the job done in a safe and cost effective manner.

Oil Drilling

Major in the Oil & Gas Exploration Services

Gas Flares

We will continue our path towards green and low-carbon sustainable development

Oil Refineries

We strive to providing society with cutting-edge technologies


Ultra-productive exploration technology that provides quality work with integrity

Subsea Operations/Intervention Engineer

We ensure all work is carried out in accordance with HSEQ objectives & Company’s requirement, required for any type of Subsea exploration project.


We provide any and all engineering services required for any type of drilling exploration project.

If you need industrial solution.We are available for you

Management Team

Zhang Chui


Mingqiang Qiuyuan

Executive Director
Onshore-Offshore Exploration

Michael Phill Nicholas

Deputy Managing Director
Onshore-Offshore Exploration

Jiang Fang

General Manager
Onshore-Offshore Exploration