Our Dedicated Team

With decades of Hoages Oil & Gas Exploration Bureau experience, our executives provide with the skills and know-how to succeed in the oil & gas industry. The leadership team works together with a core set of values to drive culture and purpose in our organization. Bearing in mind that it takes dedicated, capable, and experienced leaders to ensure Hoages Oil & Gas Exploration Bureau stays a global leader in the oil & gas industry. We are confident we have the right team in place to continue positive growth of Hoages Oil & Gas Exploration Bureau.

Michael Phill Nicholas

Managing Director
Onshore-Offshore Exploration

Michael Phill Nicholas was appointed Managing Director in July 2018, where he is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of more than 200 Onshore and offshore locations across the world. Prior to that time, he was Executive Chief Operating Officer. Previously, Mr. Michael Phill Nicholas served as Executive Chief Operating Officer. from 2000 to 2017. Prior to joining Hoages Oil & Gas Exploration Bureau in 1995, Mr. Michael Phill Nicholas held positions as Regional Corporation, Regional Manager, New York City operations.

William John Mice

Onshore-Offshore Exploration

William John Mice served as Senior Vice President at Hoages Oil & Gas Exploration Bureau from 2000 to 2016, and held positions as Director and Vice President. Mr. William John Mice worked for over 7 years in general management, circulation, and consulting roles within the oil & Gas industry.

Mingqiang Qiuyuan

Executive Director
Onshore-Offshore Exploration

Mr. Mingqiang Qiuyuan Has spent 15 years with Hoages Oil & Gas Exploration Bureau and held different positions in different functions in the Norwegian operations where his key focus were on productivity, cost improvement and innovation. He held positions such as laboratory manager, quality manager, R&D manager, production manager and plant manager. During his tenure with the company, he was located in the Oman for 4 years as part of the management team.

Shown kel

General Manager
Onshore-Offshore Exploration

Shown kel is responsible for a number of functions throughout her tenure, including strategy Manager, market research, business planning and sales operations. She spent five years working in the supply chain and planning group at European headquarters in Brussels.