About Us

Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services is an Onshore offshore Deepwater drilling contractor which provides drilling services to the oil and gas industry. The company's headquarters are located in China, but they have major offices in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland, Hong Kong and Norway.


Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services is one of the world's largest Onshore Offshore Deepwater drilling contractor. The Chinese-based company rents floating mobile drill rigs, along with the equipment and personnel for operations, to oil and gas companies at an average daily rate of US$292,700. Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services day rates extend as high as US$850,000 for its deep-water drill ships, which house dual activity derricks and can drill in ultra-deep ocean depths of 18,000 ft. In 2010, Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services employs more than 43,000 people worldwide and has a fleet of 175 offshore drilling units.


Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services operates worldwide in the Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas USA, Trinidad, North Sea, Mediterranean, Part of Middle East,Southeast Asia.

What Are We

Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services has been the industry’s most trusted partner in drilling productivity and reliability. We continue that legacy with a strategy focused on long-term profitable growth and forward-looking products and services. Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services integrity promise permeates its interactions with shareholders, business partners, employees and the communities in which it operates across the globe. We are committed to technologies and innovation that serve to unite our goals of customer value and sustainability.

Our core values are demonstrated everyday by our people: their dedication to perform with integrity; their commitment to treating one another with respect; their devotion to operating safely; and their creativity to inspire innovative ideas. When customers contract an Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services rig, they are not only choosing the most advanced drilling technology, but they are also selecting the best people in the industry.

What We do

Over our nearly 49-year history, Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services has expanded drilling operations to meet the increasing demands of a complex and globalized industry. It has earned us a respected standing as the world’s premier contract drilling company for oil and gas exploration services. Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services Technologies develops and implements advanced digital technologies to improve drilling performance on Flex Rigs or any rig, regardless of the drilling or service provider.

We’re rated 1st by customers 10 years in a row because no one designs, fabricates and operates automated drilling performance packages as well as we do. Huanan Oil & Gas Exploration Services reduces risk, lowers total cost of operations and accelerates well programs better than anyone. Our long-standing commitment to safety reinforces the importance we place on people and our ability to recruit and retain top talent to serve our customers better.

43000 +
Drilling units

Our Management Team

Zhang Chui


Mingqiang Qiuyuan

Executive Director
Onshore-Offshore Exploration

Michael Phill Nicholas

Deputy Managing Director
Onshore-Offshore Exploration

Jiang Fang

General Manager
Onshore-Offshore Exploration